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Integrity and energy efficiency are key factors for the sustainability of any production activity

Our specific solutions combine the use of drones and the processing of data resulting from the inspection itself. The combination of flight, detection carried out with special high-resolution sensors and technical and IT skills, guarantee an exemplary support for the integrity and efficiency of your asset.

Integrità di un asset

Asset Integrity

Asset integrity means the ability of any asset to maintain predefined levels of reliability and energy efficiency over time.

«Mechanical» integrity and energy efficiency are key factors for the sustainability of every production activity.

What we mean by the term "Asset":
Any industrial plant, agricultural land, infrastructure (dams, bridges, roads etc.), photovoltaic system, wind power plant, etc.

Wind and solar plants represent the assets that are best suited, due to their modularity, to be inspected by drones and artificial intelligence systems.

Valutazione vulnerabilità asset

Asset life cycle

Planning & Design
Compliance of the design with the applicable standards check.
DTM, by drone, of the sites where works will be carried out.
Manufacturing & Construction
Inspections and quality control during the material supply and construction phases of new assets; work progress evaluation by drones.
Operation & Maintenance
Inspection and monitoring of assets, also including data collection from drones and artificial intelligence systems. Asset vulnerability assessment.