Aerial Wind Power Inspections

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We develop inspection systems of wind power plants with drones and computer vision systems
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Aerial Wind Power Inspections

Our solution

Preventive maintenance is essential to detect any defect on the turbines or bearings of a wind power plant before it has impacts on the performance and / or safety.

In this case the use of drones, such as the Matrix 210 RTK V2 and special laser and visual sensors, represents an advantage in terms of accuracy in detecting and locating anomalies.

The speed of execution allows a wind turbine stop time less than 30 minutes, and few hours of processing the collected data are necessary to elaborate effective reports.

Collecting data in an organised way allow to keep the wind farms under control and to show important trends in terms of recurrent defect types: by turbine supplier, by geographical location etc.


Aerial Wind Power Inspection

Aerial Wind Power Inspection
  • Images of wind turbines
  • Localization of anomalies
  • Classification of anomalies (type, degree of severity)
  • Documented reports in pdf
  • Data and statistics/trends available on cloud upon request
Main advantages in using our method of inspection
Minimum unproductive
The execution of the inspection requires that the turbines are stopped for a maximum time of 30 minutes
It is not necessary to involve experts in inspections with ropes anymore; the associated risks are avoided and standstill greatly limitated
During the inspection videos and 150/200 frames with a degree of magnification of up to 30 x optical are executed. Anomalies up to a size of 0.5 cm are detected
Asset Integrity system
The analysis and structured classification of the anomalies found generates a database that allows you to monitor the evolution of the anomalies over time in each part of the wind turbines
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